Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


I think I found a solution to a pb
I said that sometimes I had to reinstaller ubitx manager to communicate.
In fact, I think the ubitx should not be on, but simply make the connection with the USB socket. in this case the arduino is self-powered and it works.
So for me it’s settled.
For the Smeter, reading in manager gives low 252 and hight 250!!!!
But here too, I think have found
We have to make a connexion in the Ubitx 
Thank you for confirming that you need to go through this step
on hamskey:
2.S.Meter signal connection
When uBITX is shipped and assembled according to manual, one purple line is left. (A7 Pin)

The purple line in the picture below. Input the signal for S.Meter to this line.
There are various ways to get S.Meter signals from uBITX.
What should be noted is that you must have enough current to be able to measure in the Arduino.

After connecting S.Meter signal line to A7, it must be set in uBITX Manager. This way we can apply most S.Meter modifications completely to uBITX.

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