Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


I ordered the amplifiers. (5 modules for 10 euros!!! + free shipping) so only 2 euros per module. I’ll have them in less than 4 days. Thanks Jeff!
Another question on use.
On the Nextion and also in the yellow menu, you can set ATT and RIF.
Is this adjustment to be done once and for all, where should it be constantly adjusted according to the reception and the band?
If so, I find that this is not very convenient with the touch screen because it’s very small even with a 3.2-inch screen. And if you have to go through the encoder, it’s also not easy.
I was wondering, if it would be simpler to keep these 2 buttons on the main screen of the nextion, and by clicking on it make appear a bargraph all screen for setting. But this requires some modifications in the soft. 

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