Very low audio/hiss from uBitx speaker after Nextion 3.5 update #nextion #v6 #ubitx #ubitxv6



Trying to upgrade my uBitx v6 to a 3.5" Nextion display. 

1. Got the latest build from and updated the raduino.
2. Found a good build (I hope) for Nextion 3.5" enhanced which doesn't have the problem of small size. 
3. Flashed both raduino and the nextion display.
4. Since the Raduino's 7805 gets heated up too much, so connecting only the data to the Raduino board.
5. A separate power supply for Nextion providing 5v dc.
6. Display works perfectly and I am also able to see a signal line in the graph too...
7. Tx works fine and my external power meter shows a healthy 10w output.

But all I am hearing is a hiss and very low volume commercial radio near 40m.

If I flash back to uBitx v6 stock firmware and reattach the original display, the audio is coming perfect fine.

Any ideas on what the issue is and any resolution ?

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