Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


I did note the smeter with the Ubitx manager. this afternoon, I modified the input of the signal by adding the filter that exists on the ubitx v6. he L31, C205, L32 together form a single low pass filter that attenuates the 2nd harmonic of 45 MHz from getting into the diode mixer (during the transmit state). 
I had already modified the filter before and after the 45mhz quartz.
For the pop noise, I modified a capacitor, it reduce but does not make it disappear.
See this point on this file. There may still be things to do for that.
see file file, no10

It is true that we can add a lot of modules such as mixer, amplifiers, etc. in this case, we would have to invent a Ubitx with a motherboard with central bus and modules that we could evolve. it’s a different story.
I don’t change too much, otherwise it’ll look like a spagetti dish


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