Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


Thank you Evan.
I still have to make some changes.
I will replace the 3904 with BFR and modify a capacitor (C38 on the HF signal datasheet) to avoid the "pop".
For the Smeter, I chose the right HEX file. No S file.
There may be a calibration to do in the main menu. I thought I read this in the forum? To see.
I also have to make an antenna tuner box.
Here some idea  like that:
No difficult to do

Other thing:
The µbitx is made of 2 rings demodulator. I read on a French forum, that we can increase performance by perfectly balancing the demodulator with a capa (Fixed or variable) for now I do not know where it should be installed. If anyone knows about this...

Nice sunday


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