Re: Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!

Evan Hand

Good job on getting it to receive. 

On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 11:31 AM, Gerard wrote:
On the connection, the Smeter is still at 9. (if you have some idea?)
Here is a link to the original setting of the S meter function.  Sorry that it is in English, I do not know of a French version.

The above assumes you are using the A7 pin of the Nano from the Raduino and not a second Nano for the stand-alone signal processing version. using something like the circuit in this link:

If I remember correctly, you were modifying the KD8CEC source code to work with your homebrew uBITX.  It could be that one of the settings in the software was set for the stand-alone version.  If so, then that will need to be commented out:

If you used the hex file, then it should be the one that does not have an "_S" at the end.

Hope this helps.

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