Yes, My homebrew µBitx now work!!


Hello all, hello Evan

After a lot of research my homebrew µBitx finally works.

There was in fact a dry weld on the transformer before the 12Mhz filter.
It remains to be seen:
Sound in slightly distorted 
On the connection, the Smeter is still at 9. (if you have some idea?)
Calibration and BFO settings to be refined.
Still, the sound is not very powerful. It’s a bit of the same style as a miniature radio. Well, my antenna is not yet perfect and remains to be improved.
I thought I’d do one like this because right now I’m just doing reception.
I already got the amplifier  and tee link  module from "Jeff" !
See here for the antenna :

Thanks for your help and particular to Evan

I’ll let you know what happens next


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