Re: DC short on antenna connector #v3

Jerry Gaffke

Yes, it's normal that the antenna center pin appears to be grounded.
If you look at the schematic, relay K3 in the lower right is in its receive position,
it connects the antenna center pin to inductors L1,2,3 and transformer T2.
The signal gets grounded at T2.

Since all those inductors look like just a short piece of magnet wire at DC,
the ohmmeter reports close to zero ohms.
Jerry, KE7ER 

On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 12:16 PM, Kit Peters wrote:
I just replaced the antenna connector on the uBITX v3 mainboard with a PCB mount female SMA connector. There is a DC short between center pin and shield. Normally I'd think I messed up the soldering, but I removed the connector and there's still a short. Is that normal?

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