Re: Comparison between Ubitx versions

Dave Dixon

Hi All,
          I Have both the v3 and v6`1. and both running KD8CEC i bought the v6 as spares or repairs as the screen was faulty once a new 2.8 screen and KD8CEC firmware added and setup properly all is running well,i don't see any difference between my 2 V3 with 2 line lcd ,the v6 screen looks pretty.Im 100% cw and use both radios on different bands and am getting great reports.Both my bitxs are in metal cases now only as i was given 2 which were destined for the the first bitx 20s ashar brought out.the bitx20 is complete and going to be a winter project.I just completed the qcx+ and matching linear plus the auto atu being sold on ebay all 3 are in use and impressed with them all.It's amazing how many people are using the bitx a friend of mine now silent key had all the top of the range radios but preferred the bitx.Well done ashar for your hard work.Stay well safe and healthy all regards Dave G0AYD...

On Wed, 7 Oct 2020 at 05:08, Mike Lichtman via <> wrote:
I have a v3 ubitx. As far as receive and transmit abilities is there any advantage to going to v6 (other than touchscreen and appearance)? Does the v6 perform any better? My v3 has worked
without any problems. The only mods I added were a mic preamp I built in an external small case so I could use a dynamic mic. and the CEC software. 73 Mike KF6KXG

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