Re: Comparison between Ubitx versions

Evan Hand

On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 11:07 PM, Mike Lichtman wrote:
I have a v3 ubitx. As far as receive and transmit abilities is there any advantage to going to v6 (other than touchscreen and appearance)? Does the v6 perform any better?
I do not have a v6, so any comments need to be taken with that information.  I do have 2 v4 and 1 v5.  Since the v5 is the same mainboard with the connectors and some controls moved to it, I think that the v4 to v5 comparison is valid.  Others with pre v5 and a v6 may have better information.

As to the receiving capability, I cannot tell any difference.  Both seem to have the same sensitivity that is comparable to my ICOM 7300.  On the v5 transmit side, the spurs and harmonics have been reduced to below US FCC requirements.  On the v4s I did the relay modifications recommended and both are now compliant for harmonics.  I have not done the spur mods, so cannot say that any of them works.

My reason for buying the v5 kit was because of the emissions corrections. I was not sure when the v5 came out that I could make the mods on the v4 board (I started with one, bought the second in case I goofed up the first, then the v5 came out) so I bought the v5.  I have no plans to purchase a v6, as the display seems less desirable than the Nextion solution provided by KD8CEC.

As long as you do not add a linear amp to your v3, then I would say you are OK operating as is, though technically your rig does not meet FCC requirements.  If you are not comfortable doing the mods yourself, then a v6 may be a good choice.


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