Re: Winding quality of tricoils


Evan, Thank you for the pictures
I have received this day my new antenna. 
So I installed this one. It’s the same, the reception is very weak.
So much so that I had to stop my tests when the neighbor mowed his grass!! Motor thermic.
Yet, we understand perfectly what is said. You have to put your ear to the speaker.There were Ham who spoke in French clearly on 7MHZ
This proves that the calibration and BFO are well set. We improve even by playing with ATT and RIF.
I will go through the topics with the "weak" keyword. There is reading
Of course, there is a pb in the HF amplification chain. Still, a small question, there is no meaning for a 45MHZ filter.
Mine’s this one, I’m coming from the US on purpose. LOL!

Tested at the generator, it was good in bandwidth.
I will continue my research

For the braiding of the coils, this will only play on the impedance.
I put a little reading on you to perfect your French


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