Re: First HF radio..incensed a week ago...I think I blew up my uBitXv4.

Ashhar Farhan

I haven't blown up an IRF510 yet due to a bad antenna. So, I can't hazard a guess. Perhaps someone else could do that? At 12v and with a proper heatsink, the IRF510s are virtually indestructible. You would worry about that at 25 volts drain voltage.
It is, btw, good fun and even greater education to blow up an IRF510 on the bench. Pipe down the RF output of the ubitx to about 2 watts, and build an external linear amplifier with two IRF510s (like the WA2EBY design). 24V power supply for LEDs are quite cheap. Building a linear is an inexpensive, very straightforward project. It dramatically impacts your signal reports.
73, f 

On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 6:50 AM Randy.AB9GO <randy.ab9go@...> wrote:
Ashhar I should have been more specific in my question. Is there an increase in reliability using the Mitsubishi part or is it about the same?  The only reason I would switch is if the output devices would be less likely to fail.  The irf 510s are so cheap unless there would be an advantage I wouldn't move to the Mitsubishi part.


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