Re: Extending antenna

Bill Cromwell

Hi Kit,

Any of the '50 ohm' coax cables will do the job nicely. 75 ohm cable will work nicely too. Amateurs have also successfully used a twisted pair that can be just about any pair of insulated hookup wires. Those are 'self-shielding'. Look at cat5 network cable. If you want to use coax the RG-174 will be better for your application. Since you already have the RG-58 use that but use more care about avoiding sharp bends. Over time the center conductor will creep through the insulation (especially foam insulation) toward the braid and won't be close to the '50 ohms' you thought it would be (if that is important to you.

I mounted a small radio in a large size index card file box made of steel. Those ammo cans can make a nice project. Have fun with yours:)


Bill KU8H

bark less - wag more

On 10/4/20 1:10 AM, Kit Peters wrote:
What about RG58? I have rather a lot of it laying around.
On Sun, Oct 4, 2020, 00:07 Raj vu2zap < <>> wrote:
One option is to buy a ready made BNC pigtail cable that is long
enough and fix a socket on the board to match.
Alternatively as I do solder a RG174 type cable direct to PCB and
then to your rear connector.
Do not extend the original wire.. I recommend everyone to replace it
with a cable.
At 04/10/2020, you wrote:
>I'm trying to put my uBITX into one of the water resistant plastic
"ammo cans" from Harbor Freight. So far it's going fine, but I'd
like to put the antenna hookup further back than the cable will
stretch. How can I run it back further without it picking up
interference? If I use some thin coax, will that work? What sort of
connector should I use on the main board?

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