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Robert Freeman

Update from my last post.  I was able to get the pickkit4 to work.  One of apps that downloaded with the MPLAB X IDE was a MPLAB IPE. It will allow you to load a hex file, and you can edit cells in the EEPROM data as needed.  The programming speed would not work for me at default setting.  Had to change it to "slow" and then had no issue uploading the revised firmware.  I used a 1:5 winding ratio on the tandem match as recommended for QRP radios.  In practice, when I change the setting in the firmware for the ratio from 10 (default), to 5, I can 't get it to work.  It works on the default, but the power values are wrong.  Wondering if the 1:10 ratio is working for everyone on the ubitx?  Also noticed the power value is high and then momentarily drops down to a lower, more stable value.  Wondering if others see that also.  Would seem like an ESP could be interfaced to the output of the microcontroller, set up as a web server and posting more information than the little displays allow. Having fun with it, as my fondness grows for the ubitx that is feeding it.
Warm regards, Robert, NQ0T

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 8:56 PM Glenn <glennp@...> wrote:
I can confirm that using a PicKit  3 programmer and Pickit version 3.01 software also works.

I got the software from here:
Glenn <vk3pe>

On Thu, Oct 1, 2020 at 04:20 AM, Jim Reagan wrote:
This document said everything I needed for modifying the code. At first, I also tried to use my PICkit4 and a newer MPlabs program , but absolutely no success. Once I dug out a PICkiy3 and loaded the PICkit version 3.1 program, it was easy to change various parameters.
Your mileage may vary,

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