Re: First HF radio..incensed a week ago...I think I blew up my uBitXv4.

Evan Hand

From the pictures, you are direct wiring the kit.  With that information, I would suggest checking the Purple, Green, and Blue wire wiring from the Digital connector (the one on the Raduino/Display/Nano board).
- Purple should not be connected to anything.
- The Blue wire goes to the tip connection of the 3.5mm Jack
- The Green wire is soldered to the 4.7 k resistor and the other end of the resistor to the same tip connection as the Blue wire.

I cannot see if the connections are correct.  I lose the Purple wire in the area around the jacks.  I would look there for an intermittent short.  Those are the wires that get disconnected from the Raduino when you pull the header off.

I am really thinking it is a wiring issue.

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