First HF radio..incensed a week ago...I think I blew up my uBitXv4.

Allen Hundley

I used this set of instructions. I used the key option 1 and the fused main power option.

My 3d printer is broke so I literally just used the shipping box as the chasis for now.

Its not the best...for sure. Let me know if I can explain the wiring. I checked for continuity in leads that shouldn't be touching that were near each other.

Everything is correct per those instructions as far as I can tell...

On Sep 25, 2020, at 4:57 PM, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:
Does your uBITX use a case kit to wire your uBITX, or is it wired direct per the wire-up directions from HFSignals?

I would be really surprised if it was the Nano that failed again.  If so then there is a wiring issue that is causing the problem.  You need to resolve the wiring issue(s).

Can you post a picture of the inside of your v4 uBITX?  I think that you have a v4 mounted in an AmatureRadioKit enclosure, that or a custom-built enclosure that you will need to know how it was wired.

Trying to understand what you have and how to answer your questions.

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