Re: 100W Automatic Antenna Tuner...

Robert Freeman

I bit on the recommendation at the beginning of this thread.  Have just finished construction.  I found a lot of details on Github by reading through the most recent and historical versions.  Most recent suggests a different transformer ratio for QRP, which I am going with.  The display I got has a different IIC address than what is configured in the EE memory.  Also bit off on a pickkit4, thinking it would be handy for programming PIC and Atmel chips.  Have found the MPLAP X IDE to be several notches above my ability.  Lots of options, More than I can get my head around.  Does anyone know, or can someone point me in the right direction to just update the ee memory values using mplab x ide and pickkit4?  I have tried dragging in the .H files and .C files from the firmware on github. Lots of errors and no build.  I can pull in the hex file, and can see the ee memory table, but have had no luck on writing out new values to the ee memory.  Would welcome any pointers. Also, I got my kit from the op in Russia, RA0SMS.  Slow shipping (expected and noted), but arrived in good shape and all parts intact. Idling, the board is drawing 60 mA.  Getting pumped to tune something. Has been educational, and some thoughtful work has gone into the design and kit.  Will be a nice complement to the BITX for me.

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