Re: Newbie, Settling on a new Bitx kit purchase. What would you recommend?



I suggest pacing yourself as you plan your adventure. 

I have an off-center fed dipole I have used portable - it does require a matching network to use.  There are other antennas to consider, find a ham to help guide you as you work on an antenna.  yes many can be home constructed. 

If your plan is to learn CW - of course I suggest a QCX+.  okay it does feature a cw reader - it is cute - it does not really help you learn CW in my view.  just listen and learn is the way to go.  cool simple radios thrive in CW. 

I like my ubitx.  its a v4 - it has been an adventure.  some hams around the world have only means to afford a ubitx and they enjoy them.  I have an audio filter with my ubitx and it does CW just fine with this item.  But I would carefully see where it fits into your plan forward.  there are few inexpensive SSB transceivers around that are new. 

building stuff is cool - many options already - see my email.  unless you have prior building experience, I suggest starting with something simple before starting a QCX+ -- just one error means troubleshooting!  my first QCX had one error as I remember (a missed solder joint) - i found it using the test source inside and my finger (and some patience). 

patiently examine the landscape to figure out your path forward. 

73 curt

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