Re: Newbie, Settling on a new Bitx kit purchase. What would you recommend?

Jerry Gaffke


If you are interested in CW (Morse Code), the QRP Labs QCX+ is a good choice.
If you intend to go backpacking, the new QCX-mini may be worth waiting for but 
the QCX+ will be easier to build and make modifications to.
That is a rig designed from the ground up to work well for morse code.

If you want to have a SSB voice rig, either the uBitx or EasyBitx could be a good choice for you.
Morse code use on these rigs is definitely an afterthought, the EasyBItx apparently does not
do morse code at all.

The only other thing you really need is a friendly nearby ham you can ask questions of
and perhaps have help sort out an antenna issue or the debug the transceiver
when it doesn't work right off. 

He can probably loan you a dummy load and SWR bridge.
If he can't, maybe get or scratch build one of these:

You will need a DVM.
One of the really cheap ones from Harbor Freight is good enough, 
but a better one that can measure capacitance (maybe $10 on the web) would be useful.

You might also need to build a diode RF detector when debugging the transceiver kit.

A small portable shortwave radio can be a useful debug aid.

The miniswr indicator above is just an LED that gets dim when the antenna SWR is suitably low.
This $12 SWR meter kit is more advanced, you can actually measure forward and reflected power,
and it stays in line when you are transmitting normally.  Could use your DVM for the meter.
Perhaps use it with the 20 Watt dummy load from QRP-Labs:        
Price says $12 when you click "Create Quote":

Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 03:54 PM, vince adams wrote:
Okay, what other accessories/items to order, would you suggest or recommend for this? Thinking in terms of a newbie to CW from this website QRP labs? In other words, should I order some other things/stuff along with my new order from QRP Labs?  Or just this Transceiver alone would be good enough? I will be using an off-center dipole for 80 - 10m that I will order soon or make one myself.
Also, what are the other abilities of this kit (QRP Labs) without reading further on the website? Should I get/order an uBitx or the QRP labs? You mention both. Jerry, I am brand new to CW and transceivers, ok.
73, Vince KD7TWW

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