Re: Newbie, Settling on a new Bitx kit purchase. What would you recommend?

Jerry Gaffke

What I said previously was wrong:
>  The kit you pointed to is a much older single band design.

Looks like the EasyBitx is a new kit, announced on July 1 of 2020:

Sunil has been active in this group for a long time,and many have been buying
his various offerings.  I didn't realize he had a new transceiver out.
It is single band, has an Si5351 VFO similar to the Raduino from HFSignals.
As Evan mentioned, it may provide better control of mike gain.
With a bandpass filter between exciter and final amp, the transmitter output
could prove to be cleaner than the uBitx.
The SMA cables for the antenna and local oscillator could well resolve some
issues with receiver birdies.
It might be possible to use plug in bandpass and output lowpass filters
so the rig could be easily used on more than one band.
It is simpler than the uBitx, and uses more hackable parts.
There is no mention of CW in the manual, but I suspect this could be
adapted for CW use using the same procedure as Allard used on the Bitx40.

So worth considering, especially if you are keen to have 
the full kit-building experience.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 01:42 PM, Jerry Gaffke wrote:

Most people in this forum have a uBitx, good for all bands from 80 through 10 meters:

The kit you pointed to is a much older single band design.
I'd guess well under 1% of forum members have that kit.
It requires much more assembly than the uBitx.

These are primarily SSB transceivers.
They have their warts, but are cheap and fun to hack.

If you want a CW (morse code) transceiver, I'd suggest the QCX+ from QRP Labs:
Jerry, KE7ER

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