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Mike Woods


I am not quite silent key... But I have had health issues.  I had a health scare at the beginning of 2019, that led to a delay in posting updates, but things returned to normal with time out, stress reduction and exercise and dietary changes.  Unfortunately the problems then  returned in 2020.  I  had two vertebrae collapse in my lower back in March and April and was  diagnosed in March with terminal cancer (Multiple Myeloma) with some high risk factors.  I am nearing the end of Chemo treatment (and facing heavy fatigue and brain muddle at this point in the cycle).  Next month I will have a bone marrow transplant that will really knock me back for a few weeks, but all of this treatment will be worth it, if it puts me into remission for a while!  Early signs are positive.

So the site is frozen as at the beginning of January this year.  I have prioritised input into Wellington Branch 50 NZART ( where I am chair, and into maintaining our RemoteDX project (, but I have stepped down as Chair.

I think others comments about the v6  stifling development are correct. It is now a fully self-contained unit with case and graphical display and the issues have largely been addressed (except it still doesn't have an AGC and Ashhar doesn't see this as a problem), and this has opened the kit up to a wider group of amateurs who would not have previously considered the build.   The questions on the forum seem to be more in the "basic questions" category as a result.  This is less of a need for the website for the majority of buiders.

What concerns me is that does have some issues with accuracy and it needs to have v6 material added into the advice sections (menu items at the top). The other longer-standing issue, is that there really isn't a consolidated repository and guide for the Nextion add-on.  In fact this is a real frustration for many amateurs looking to switch out to the NExtion display.  If somebody had the time to work on either tidying up work, or consolidating Nextion downloads and guidance I am sure that the wider uBITx community would benefit immensely!

73 Mike

On 21/09/20 5:07 am, Joel Caulkins/N6ALT wrote:

Thanks for the reply, I was more concerned that Mike ZL1AXG is okay, I was hoping that I didn't miss something while working on other projects, like he became SK or something. I agree with you about most things being addressed on all the Bitx's. I have built and modified 2, Bitx 20's, 3, Bitx 40's, 1, Bitx 60, 1 Bitx 17, (I made a contact in Antarctica at Mirny station with this one),1 uBitx ver 3, 1 uBitx ver 4, and 1 uBitx ver 6 which I use everyday, so I guess I've had a good run but I still like to see what others are doing with their Bitx's. I just miss going there everyday to see whats happening. I am glad the resources are still there for others to use if they are new to the Bitx line of radios. I will keep checking once in a while to see if there is anything new on .


Mike Woods

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