Re: Newbie, Settling on a new Bitx kit purchase. What would you recommend?

Jerry Gaffke


Most people in this forum have a uBitx, good for all bands from 80 through 10 meters:

The kit you pointed to is a much older single band design.
I'd guess well under 1% of forum members have that kit.
It requires much more assembly than the uBitx.

These are primarily SSB transceivers.
They have their warts, but are cheap and fun to hack.

If you want a CW (morse code) transceiver, I'd suggest the QCX+ from QRP Labs:
Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 01:01 PM, vince adams wrote:
Would this be a good online store to purchase
and what would you select/recommend just getting started with a Ubitx kit for a Newbie, such a New "General Lic Ham? I am very familiar with Kits. So not a problem ASSY this kit. But new to a "CW" kit per se. Which kit would you select for me?

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