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Hi Evan,
Rather than thinking about how to weigh down a rig born for QRP and portable uses with Hyper-micro at 32 or 64 bit or with additional PC connections and "base station" uses like "digital" ones, wouldn't it be better to think about the rig's "hardware deficiencies"?
More than thinking about the "software" it seems to me that are missing some vital parts for a QRP & portable rig:
- a decent AGC that intervenes on the signal of the MF chain and not on the BF signal and on the attenuation of the antenna input;
- an output power attenuation command (a decrease is often required rather than increasing the power);
- to try a little to think of the rig for its native use and not for "base station" uses for which it was not born.
If really you want to act on the software and on the micro used, I would advise you (if you don't want to lose all the OMs who use the IDE & hardware Arduino as a hobby) to think about how to transport the Libraries and the Main on the new NANO EVERY or NANO 33 platform.
In portable use, the fewer complications the better! , an example ? the current LCD monitor is more than enough for QRP & portable uses, useless "spectrum analyzers" (mostly unreal) or a shapeless mass of information that makes the monitor unreadable only serve to waste time for those who use the radio as HAM and not as a computer engineer!
By the way, just to say that I am not one who does not like software, I have finished a modification to the original Ver. 6.1 to view the S level in reception and the Power level in transmission, without the need to change micro (1 or 2 KB are enough and there is more), just be used to using Microprocessors for what they were born, not as if they were main-frames!

73 de IW4AJR Loris

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 01:05 AM, Evan Hand wrote:
After thinking about the groups that I monitor in the prior email I believe that I should mention another that fits into the "starter" rig area:

This is not in 

The reason for adding it to the list is that in my opinion, it is the current leader for me in the SDR transceiver arena for a new ham.   
- It has all of the SDR functionality
- It can be bought as a complete kit
- With a PC provides all of the digital modes with free software addition
- 5 watts out
- requires a PC

When you add in everything needed it is a close competition between the uBITX and the HL2 for price and features.

I have gotten really spoiled with the waterfall display on both the HL2 and my IC-7300.  That probably is the main reason for me siding with the HL2.

The above are just opinions, not really supported with detailed analysis.
Use as you see fit.

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