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Evan Hand

After thinking about the groups that I monitor in the prior email I believe that I should mention another that fits into the "starter" rig area:

This is not in 

The reason for adding it to the list is that in my opinion, it is the current leader for me in the SDR transceiver arena for a new ham.   
- It has all of the SDR functionality
- It can be bought as a complete kit
- With a PC provides all of the digital modes with free software addition
- 5 watts out
- requires a PC

When you add in everything needed it is a close competition between the uBITX and the HL2 for price and features.

I have gotten really spoiled with the waterfall display on both the HL2 and my IC-7300.  That probably is the main reason for me siding with the HL2.

The above are just opinions, not really supported with detailed analysis.
Use as you see fit.

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