Re: Raduino 32, a Raduino with ESP32 for #v6


you can connect a board with ESP32 to the arduino socket without the ADC1115 boards. These are only used for S-meter and SWR measurements. Essential functions are connected directly to the ESP32's GPIOs, especially the morse keyer.
You can see the pins used in the document


On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 10:40 AM, Tom, wb6b wrote:
That looks interesting. I downloaded it and now have yet another IDE to play with. Here is a link:

Noted that they they are going to stop supporting the Mac because of the choices Apple is making going forward. I really like my Mac, it has lasted forever, but I do most of my serious work in Linux running on VirtualBox, on my Mac. So it really no longer is as important to me if my laptop runs OS X or Windows. Gulp... Maybe the writing is on the wall and my long preference for the Mac (it works much more seamlessly with the UNIX/Linux systems used in data centers) as a development platform may have an eventual end?

If you are willing to forgo the S-Meter and SWR meter, would it anything else important be missing if you just hand wired an ESP-32 dev board to Nano socket adaptor, without the ADC chips, to try this code out?

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