Re: Raduino 32, a Raduino with ESP32 for #v6

Tom, wb6b

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 09:52 PM, Guenter wrote:
Uecide is new for me.
That looks interesting. I downloaded it and now have yet another IDE to play with. Here is a link:

Noted that they they are going to stop supporting the Mac because of the choices Apple is making going forward. I really like my Mac, it has lasted forever, but I do most of my serious work in Linux running on VirtualBox, on my Mac. So it really no longer is as important to me if my laptop runs OS X or Windows. Gulp... Maybe the writing is on the wall and my long preference for the Mac (it works much more seamlessly with the UNIX/Linux systems used in data centers) as a development platform may have an eventual end?

If you are willing to forgo the S-Meter and SWR meter, would it anything else important be missing if you just hand wired an ESP-32 dev board to Nano socket adaptor, without the ADC chips, to try this code out?

Tom, wb6b

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