Re: uBITX documentation error of Kit-Projects AGC


No worries! Thank my partner David who does all the real heavy lifting!!! I hope some switch shennagins aside you found the install pleasant/easy enough. That was the goal with the layout. Just make it work Also no idea why my last message got bolded weirdly. This website confuses me sometimes and I'm a spring chicken who is supposed to understand this stuff HIHI.

Feel free to reach out here or shoot us an email if you have anything else/technical you need always glad to help! @Dennis Zabawa and Loris some additional info for you the circuit is very similar to ND6Ts actually its only a few minor changes! Just slaped in a new form factor. Most importantly however ALL the switch does is change the value of R6 Its setup to flip in a few different resistance values and also a short to ground to turn it "off", Sadly this also has the effect of turning off S-Meter output as its just a tap to the bias voltages of one of the attenuation stages!


-- Tim Keller - KE2GKB

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