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Mark Jones <Mark@...>

I bought a "Copper island Construction Kit" but they ceased trading a while ago, I found someone (and I can't remember who or find the e-mails) that sent me some replacement (re-stock) pads via the GQRP reflector. I just paid the postage - a great deal and very helpful, he said that a friend of his was able to make them at work.
Sorry I can't help more - I thought about making some but it was just to tricky.
Mark. G0MGX

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I've been using ugly-style construction,
which has worked quite well.  I've noticed
a bunch of constructors have used Manhattan-
style construction.  Not being willing to
leave well enough alone, I want to give it
a try.

Where do people get the pads?  Or how does
one make them from blank pcb material?  I
suspect that trying to punch them out of
pcb material is a pretty slow and tedious
process, so I suspect there must be a better


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