Re: Cw not working with straight key

R. Tyson

Hi Nigel,

I have two QCX, one for 40m and one for 20m. They are both very good rigs and have a great performance on CW. The uBitX is also a capable performer once it has a decent CW filter fitted.

Which one do I prefer... difficult to say the QCX rigs are very, very good.
The uBitX has multi band coverage and when fitted with a Nextion display and CEC firmware is also a good rig. Recommendations... get both   >:-) although I think you already have a QCX.

If you want a bit more RF then the QRP-Labs 50 watt amplifier is just the job. I can use mine with both my 40m QCX and also on 40m with my uBitX. Use either rig to drive the amp and, in my case, I use a 5 volt supply and a press switch to trigger the amp on Tx.

Reg               G4NFR

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