Re: Assembly instructions for the ubitx v4

Mario Koppensteiner

Hello Evan,

Am 17.08.2020 13:23, schrieb Evan Hand:
From the links and your description, I assume that you have an
Amatuerradiokits case with the audio amplifier.
Yes I have.

If that is correct,
then the data that I have shows a TA4225 (not a TA4425) audio amp IC
as the audio amp. That is a 5 terminal device, not 3. That board is
very cramped, so it could be that the silk screening is really
pointing out the TA4225 5 pin socket and not the 3 holes that are
close by.
Sorry for the confusion. The part has 5 terminals. That's true.l

Attached are the 2 pdf files that I have for the audio amp.
I saw this already in the documentation. On the first pdf there are 3 terminals shown. The top one is for the power. the middle is labed "A/IN" and the bottom terminal is labled "AGC V". Both Terminals do have 2 pins each. Where should I connect this pins of the 2 terminals?

My guess is that the 3 hole location is for the onboard "volume"
control that is really a maximum volume control as the front panel
volume control is used to adjust the volume in operation. You should
have a blue 3 terminal variable resistor that goes into that location.


Please help me to get this AGC and the AMP connected.


Mario Koppensteiner

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