Re: Assembly instructions for the ubitx v4

Mario Koppensteiner

Hello Rick,

Am 20.08.2020 00:40, schrieb Rick Price:

Hello Mario,
Yes, I saw in one of your messages after I sent the file that you had a
nextion case from amateurradio kits. If you still do not have the
instructions for assembly follow the link below and go to the bottom of the
page. There you will find a file with all of the instructions to download
for the ubitx nextion case.

I did download this 7z archive already. There are lots of pictures included of an already assembled ubitx. most of the wires are brown and black on the pictures and you can't follow the single wires on the pictures. So I still do not have a plan how to wire the terminals of the AGC and the AMP.

Please help!


Mario Koppensteiner

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