Re: LTSpice 17

Tom, wb6b

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 11:49 AM, Gerard wrote:
try LTSpice 17, you can simulate electronic circuits.
See examples on the soft
Your message is a great reminder that I need to get back to learning better how to use these tools.

By the way, here is a direct link to the Analog Devices LTSpice download page:

I've also played a little with ngspice:

And there is another that I don't recall at the moment, that was an expensive paid product where the developer retired and now offers it as a free download. Anyone remember which this is?

One of the schematic capture cad packages I was using had Spice "integrated" into it, but setting up the signal generators and monitoring (test) points was still somewhat difficult. I'd like to improve my early beginner level of ability with Spice. It has been a while since I used these and have likely forgotten all of the little I knew already. 

For those that are more experienced with Spice, what is your favorite? Any practical hints? Anyone know of any good tutorials?

Tom, wb6b

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