Re: Cw not working with straight key

R. Tyson

Hi Nigel,

The two stage filter I used came from -


I gather you have already looked at them ? They do a couple of cheaper dual bandwidth filters, one for SSB and CW and the other one specifically for CW. I don't intend using the uBitX for anything but CW so that was the filter I bought at aprox. £29.

The bad news... I have just looked at their site and that filter as well as other stuff is shown as out of stock. It won't let me click on it so there seems to be no further information at the moment. I know it has recently changed ownership so I don't know what is going on. Perhaps they are just out of stock - or - is the product line being streamlined ?
If you were interested in a filter you would have to contact them to find out what is happening.

It would be a pity if they dropped it as it is a very good filter and not a bad price.

Dual Bandwidth Filter Modules SSB/CW

£29.95 (Inc. Tax)
£24.96 (Ex. Tax)

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