Re: Please explain to me how works the VFO's

Evan Hand

The other question is which display are you using?

As far as I can tell from the schematic that is referenced in the link you provided, it is equal to a v3 or v4 board.  You should use one of the schematics from HFSignals for one of those boards for reference.

The Ashhar Farhan stock software from either the v4 or v4 should work. The alternative is the KD8CEC software.   As I had stated before, I would go with the KD8CEC software and the Nextion display.  You could use the 1602 parallel input display as well.  Both can work with that software.  You will need to select the version for the display that you choose. 

The v6 software will not work without a lot of modifications.  I do not know of a version that allows adjustment for different (earlier) boards.  This includes the version from Reed N.


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