Re: Please explain to me how works the VFO's


Evan, Jack
I took over the calibration and adjustment of the BFO with a generator and an oscilloscope.
I checked the entire amplification chain and did 0 beats more to the oscilloscope than to the ear.
I think he’s all lined up now.
I compared the M0thy schema and the Ubitx v6 schema.
I have for the moment a 50 ohm resistance which was directly adjacent to the antenna amplifier input winding. This resistance does not exist on the V6. I’ve undone it for now
I did a test, but still, the sound is too low (even the background noise). It is especially after the 12mHZ filter
I did a test with a temporary antenna that’s more of a long wire.
I have conversations (A little deformed) and morse on 3 and 5 mhz, but as said before the sound is weak.
First I have to make a real antenna.
I think a square loop antenna will be easier to do. But first, I have to find out why the signal is too low when the 12MHZ filter is released. I think that even without an antenna, I must have a "loud" background sound.
By the way, smeter’s still on nine, maybe it’s a lead


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