Re: Replacing SMD component

R. Tyson

I soldered in the replacement for Q90 this afternoon. Boy was that fiddly. Lost one as it fell on the floor while trying to work out how to get them out of the bandolier type strip they came in. Next one I got out safely onto a tray. Picked it up with tweezers and placed it on the pads. Just needed a little tweak so it was centred on all 3 pads. A slight touch with a pointed cocktail stick... damn too far. Second cocktail stick brought into play.... a bit of cursing and it was in position. It was easy to hold it in place with one of the cocktail sticks.
Legs soldered. Job inspected. Rig turned on. Breath held... woo hoo it was transmitting again.

I will no longer live in fear of having to replace technologically advanced specks of dust.

Reg       G4NFR

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