Re: uBitx v6 3rd party case


Your choices are almost endless! Look on for examples as all earlier versions came without cases and many inventive solutions were found. I have used the plastic instrument case from Bangood for my V4, which can be had for as little as $8 including shipping, and I have managed to include a number of additional boards for added features including the Nextion display (same size as the touch screen with the V6), AGC, SWR bridge, power regulation, etc. A bit of a tight fit, but the case design is really neat allowing access all over. I used the same case for an earlier BitX40 and included AGC and alternator filtering inside for mobile use. At the other end of the scale are the case "kits" from which cost quite a bit more but are pre-cut and painted for the uBitX controls and display you choose. In between there is a plethora of commercially made electronics housings, waterproof cases, 3D-printed, and hand formed choices. Have fun designing what YOU want!


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