Re: Please explain to me how works the VFO's

Jack, W8TEE

It this a typo
VFOA= 71500000
or do you really mean 71MHz. Same with VFOB at 32MHz.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 3:38:53 PM EDT, Gerard <kabupos@...> wrote:

I’m a little confused with the VFO’s A and B.

In the code of the µbitx 4 it is noted VFOA= 71500000 and VFOB= 14150000 (see capture 2)
On the synoptic diagram these values are not found. see Synoptics
On one example of µbitx, we have like goods values. See picture 1. (It's for V6, but it's the same utilisation)
On my home made µbitx, i have VFO A 14157500, VFOB 32988500.
From which this value is displayed?
If it is a frequency that exists again, where to measure it?
Is it clock1? In this case there would be an error on the synoptics?

How to have correct values? Must important!!!!
I do not find in the yellow menu
--> Calibration is to have the real frequency that you receive on the screen, I think
--> BFO adjustment, is for alignement of the Xtal 12MHZ filter, i think.

Anyway, I need your light.
Thank's for yours answers.

Jack, W8TEE

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