Re: Replacing SMD component

R. Tyson


The tiny toasting fork I made to remove SMD components didn't work. I had used enamel coated wire and it just wasn't transferring heat that well. A quick think... the solder on the tip of the iron transfers heat to the joint... O.K let's try again.
I made a new, tiny toasting fork out of bare copper wire and tinned the prongs. Bingo.. it was now like shelling peas. I had an old computer board to try it out on and it was removing components without any pushing, pulling, twisting or anything. Just hold it in place, the solder melts and the component comes off attached to one of the prongs - a quick flick and that's it the prongs are ready for the next component removal. The MAGIC ingredient is flux. I am using liquid flux but gel would do.

I can quickly clean the pads with solder wick braid and that again works much better when used with plenty of flux. I should have time tomorrow to have a go at replacing Q90.

I feel as though I am moving towards the dark side... never thought I would be playing with SMD devices. Aged 76 I had better crack on as time gets more pressing !

Reg               G4NFR

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