Re: Replacing SMD component

Ralph Mowery

The hot air rework station is the way to go.  You can get them for under $70 in many cases.  Then some fine solder.  Get some Kapton heat resistant tape and put over the device to be removed if near other components and cut a hole in it over what you want to remove.  Some solder around .015 of the old tin/lead is best to use if you can get in your country.  Look on youtube on how to use the equipment.  I was over 60 when I started on the SMD.  Get an old computer board with some SMD on them and practice .  I did buy an Amscope SE-400z microscope for around $ 200.  I find that I am using that a lot now at my age and eyesight.  Usually use the 10x lenses with it.  That scope has plenty of work space under it.

I find the SMD very easy to work with in many cases with the small tools.  Look for a young man named Rossman on you tube and someof his older shows on the smd and tools.

Ralph ku4pt

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