Re: Replacing SMD component

Black Wolfe

On 9/8/20 10:27 AM, R. Tyson via wrote:

Due to a senior moment ( I am old enough to be entitled to have them) I need to replace Q90 which is a dreaded SMD device.

I cut down an old, knackered soldering bit and cleaned it up as shown in the photo. I then applied some heat conducting paste (probably not essential but I already had some). I then wound 1mm copper wire onto the remains of the soldering iron tip. The two prongs that are formed should enable me to heat all 3 connections on the transistor at the same time and it (should) come off the board easily. Well.... it looks easy when the guys do it on YouTube !

Reg                   G4NFR

If it works it is good enough.  I invested in a hot air soldering gun last year to move the memory chip from a failed hard drive to a new logic board.  (The chip contains the sector error table and must go with the platters it is written for)

Surprisingly the job was not all that difficult.  Unfortunately it was not quite enough fix to access my files.  I'm still working on that.

Bruce W.      ~KV4OE~

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