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pat griffin

I'm on the late bus-I just saw this email.
I was in the same boat as you a couple of years ago.  I found that a small-tipped solder station (the $20-$30 kind.  I'm not at home and don't remember the one I bought)  works well.  Put a dab of solder on the pads, rest you hand against something to steady it, lock the part down with a clip, tape, a fishing weight, etc and quickly solder it.  You'll get the hang of it.  As far as paste goes, a cheap toaster oven works well.  I built a temperature gauge but it is really not necessary.  Put the board in the oven, turn on the heat and watch until the paste gets silver and turn off the oven.  Let it cool and you are done. I've only done this with new boards.  It may not work very well for replacement of parts.

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Thanks for all the comments and useful tips guys. All noted. If I get the idea of playing around with SMD parts I will look at getting a hot air system. Playing around with SMD parts may well be forced on me as they become increasingly the norm.

I should have everything I need delivered in the next couple of days. I then need a nice sunny day for plenty of bright, natural light. After sacrificing several small fluffy toys to appease the gods I will then give it my best shot.

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