Re: Replacing SMD component

R. Tyson

Hi Bill,
Thanks for the comment. I had seen a video where the tip is sliced with a hacksaw blade and then the ends bent to suit. However, I was feeling lazy and decided to just go with wrapping the wire and forming the two prongs from that.

I think I also had at the back of my mind that I could remove the wire and replace it with another winding with longer prongs if I needed to try and get an I.C. off at some time on a future project.

I have steered clear of working with SMD devices until now (fear) but realise that as they are now in common use I am going to have to try working with them. It looks as if they could actually be easier to work with given some time and experience and maybe a hot air system. From videos I have watched it seems that plenty of flux is a requirement for success.

Reg           G4NFR

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