Re: uBitX V6 no transmit power #ubitx-help #ubitxv6 #tx

R. Tyson

Hi all,
First of all...  I would like to thank you for posting the list of transistor voltages for a normally working uBitX. I note these are for the version 4 but would I be right in assuming that the version 5 would be similar.

I think I have also managed to kill Q90 so this topic has given me the means of checking it out. It is O.K on receive but no transmit. (Don't ask how I managed to squirt a bit of RF into it although it was switched off !)

I see a number of test points (TP) on the board and on the schematic. How would they be used and has anyone any idea of what we should find when using them ?

Thanks for all the time and help given to aid those who are in need of advice around the uBitX.

Reg                      G4NFR

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