Re: No ssb out in ubitx v3 #ubitx #v3 #power

Evan Hand

It is common for SSB to show low values on a wattmeter.  Try providing a constant tone, or a long Heeeeeelloooooooow.  In another thread, there is a website that has an audio tone generator.  You can use that with a 1kHz and the mic close to the speakers.  Try different volumes and distances to see if the power out changes.  If so, then most likely you have a low audio drive from the mic.

I solved the low SSP audio by getting an amplified mic and using that. Others have gone to a preamp in the rig enclosure, and for the high end, a speech compression amp for maximum punch.  I have not that, so you will need to search the site or the internet for speech compression uBITX.

Hope this helps a little

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