Re: uBITX v6 to WSJT-X running on Raspberry Pi 3B - "Target VFO unaccessible.." #ubitxv6 #wsjt-x #raspberrypi3b

Stephen KO4CVU

As an epilogue to my story, I have been able to get WSJT-X v2.2.2 to work very nicely using the FT-857 radio selection. This evening, I received the USB External Stereo Sound Adapter (dongle) that Evan suggested. I connected it to my laptop and got both the audio and the CAT control working.  After the first 45 minutes of operation, I had reception reports of my transmissions from all over the continental U. S., Maui, Costa Rica, Iceland, Brazil, Norway, Scotland, the Canary Islands, Italy, and a club station at the German Antarctic Research Station. I am amazed at what this little uBITX v6 will do! Thank you, Evan and Reed for your help in getting me and my radio to this point ... and to Ashhar for coming up with this excellent radio.

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