Re: uBITX v6 to WSJT-X running on Raspberry Pi 3B - "Target VFO unaccessible.." #ubitxv6 #wsjt-x #raspberrypi3b



   This is a problem with V2.2.2 of WSJT-X (possibly related to Hamlib 4.0) and I had the same challenge with my µBITX.  I dropped back to V2.2.0 and FT-817 control works perfectly.  As an alternative, supposedly we can stay with V2.2.2 and change the FT-817 to FT-857.  I've not yet tried that option.

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73, Andy, KG5RKP

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 06:21 PM, Stephen KO4CVU wrote:
This problem may be indirectly related to Aaron's situation. I am running WSTJ-X on a Raspberry Pi 3B. The firmware on the uBITX is Reed's R1.5.0. I have been very successful receiving without CAT control but now I'd like to transmit. I am reasonably sure that I finally found the correct identification for the USB serial port on the Pi that I have the cable from the uBITX plugged in to. I say this because the display on the uBITX flashes when I click on the "Test CAT" button from the Configuration>Radio window in the WSJT-X software. Using the FT-817 as the radio with default data bits, default stop bits and default Handshake as shown in Reed's v6 Manual ((R1.5.1), I get the error message "Rig Failure Hamlib error: Target VFO unaccessible while getting current frequency." I have tried various combinations of data bits and stop bits but continue to get the same message. I have also tried setting the radio choice to FT-857 and then I get "Rig failure Hamlib error: Protocol error while testing getting current VFO." I have tried various combinations of data bits and stop bits with this choice, too. I would appreciate any suggestions about what to try next.  Thanks, Stephen, KO4CVU
P.S. Fldigi works great running on the Pi, but that software can be configured to use the PTT circuit on the uBITX via the Nexus DR-X cross patch which I have mounted on top of the Pi.

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