Re: uBITX v6 to WSJT-X running on Raspberry Pi 3B - "Target VFO unaccessible.." #ubitxv6 #wsjt-x #raspberrypi3b

Stephen KO4CVU

In a nutshell, the Windows version of WSJT-X v2.2.2 won't work with the FT-817 radio selection. BUT it will give me a GREEN indication on the the Test button with the FT-857 radio selected AND the configuration shown in the PDF that Evan attached to his message #80833. I can't vouch for the receive or transmit audio because I don't have the necessary cross patch or audio dongle to use with my laptop. v2.2.2 will certainly change the frequency for me, though!
Now, I am headed back to the Rasperry Pi ... more to follow. Thanks, Stephen

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