Re: uBITX v6 to WSJT-X running on Raspberry Pi 3B - "Target VFO unaccessible.." #ubitxv6 #wsjt-x #raspberrypi3b

Stephen KO4CVU

I happened to have downloaded WSJT-X to my Windows 10 laptop months ago. I connected it to the uBITX v6 this morning with only the USB cable since I do not have the audio dongle. WSJT-X will give me a GREEN indication on the Test button and it will control the frequency with the following configuration:
Radio: FT-817; Baud: 38400; Data bits: D; Stop bits: D; Handshake: D; DTR: High; RTS: Low; PTT: CAT; Port: USB; Xmit Audio: Front/Mic; Mode: USB; Split: None. Obviously, I had to determine what serial port to use by the method already described in another topic.
This version of WSJT-X is v2.1.2 0068f9 which appears to be an earlier version than the one I have running in Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi 3B. My next step is to check the WSJT-X website to see if there is a Windows version at the same revision level as the version I have on the Pi. I will report the results of further experiments that I am able to complete. Thanks, Stephen

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