Re: Audio bandwidth between the product detector and VOL-H

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Hey Evan,  thanks for the input.

I've actually previously done some DSP filtering with the Teensy, I had it communicating with the Raduino Nano via serial, to coordinates modes.  Unfortunately, I accidentally killed my Teensy by plugging things into my level shifter wrong once (I had to unplug the Teensy from the Raduino to update the Nano, otherwise the serial would interfere).

This time around, I will try using I2C to communicate between the Teensy and the Raduino (yes, I could use JackAl or something similar... JackAl is the only one that also uses the Teensy Audio Adapter, which is part of my setup). 

Anyway, yeah, I could simply do the DSP at normal audio frequencies like I did previously.  This was just some thinking for experimentation.  My uBITX is never done...


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